AVGN Episode 110 - Ikari Warriors

NES Music - Ducktales Title Theme (1989)



Tron Prom Dress by Victoria Schmidt / Scruffy Rebel and Jinyo

Programmed by Jinyo with some savvy hacking skills and el wire, Victoria aka Scruffy Rebel rocked this Tron Dress at San Diego Comic-Con ‘11… for the Users!

Victoria: Website (Lead photo: dr_teng / other photos: LJinto)

psdo look

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Free Apps - 07/02/2013

Beastie Bay – (Freemium)

Kairosoft takes on Pokémon’s monster-catching, training and battling? And you can play for free!

Great Big War Game – (Free)

bit Dungeon – (Free)

Galaxy on Fire 2 – (Free)

The fact that this one’s free as well is just insane. You’ve got to grab it! Take a look

Super Mario Busters.

Wanna play Boggle or Super Mario Bros?

Free Apps - 05/10/2012


Rhythm tap experience Cytus has gone FREE for Iphone and Ipad in honor of developer Rayark Inc.’s first anniversary.